°Art for Mobile Devices

Through exploring art, design, interactivity, technology, and experimentation. We hope to promote visual and interactive art in mobile devices and convergence devices.



Afflatus Project was established by Studio 19 (a small group of artist and interactive designers. Created in 2001, the project served as an experimental forum for artist, developers and designers to explore art in mobile devices.

In 2005, with the advancement in techonology and acceptance of a wide range of mobile desvices, the Afflatus Project evolved. We hope to explore art, design, interactivity, ergonomics, technology and experimentation with mobile devices and the audience.

Our selected collection of mobile art piecesfrom around the world is ever growing. If you have an interest in submitting art created for mobile devices or just would like to contact us, please visit our Submissions Page for more information.

°Call for Submission


We will be accepting photos, digital artwork, flash files, J2ME and/or any medium viewable or accessible through a mobile device. Please send art pieces and/or information on how to access the art pieces to:


Please enclose the the information below.

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  • Artist Name
  • Artist Bio/Project Information
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  • Artist E-mail Address
  • Medium Used
  • Name of Device(s)

All art pieces remain property of their individual creators. Any reproduction without expressed permission is strictly prohibited.


We look forward to hearing from you.
Just want to get in touch with us? Feel free to contact us to discuss new opportunities for collaboration or feedback. info@afflatusproject.com If you have a passion for creating exceptional digital mobile art feel free to submit your artwork.


Handy-Video Project -  S/N Coalition
TITLE: Handy-Video Project
MEDIUM: Smart phones (although any internet enabled ccd device can access this project) , QR Codes
(to collect footage and sound we used a Canon 7D and a H4 Zoom and we edited in Final Cut Pro)
DEVICE(S): Any internet enabled ccd device can access this project
STATUS: For more information
S/N Coalition Youtube Channel
YEAR: 2012

ARTIST(S): S/N Coalition

S/N Coalition is an electronic art group, which works extensively with video, sound, animation, photography and locative media. Their exhibitions often include
performative elements and mediated footage, pushing both experimental and conceptual ideas around media. S/N members include Jennida Chase and Hassan Pitts who have been creating collaborative work together since 2008.

Project Information:
The Handy-Video remix collection is a new media project in which S/N Coalition remix the urban landscape of Berlin. The remixes are video/sound-hybrids, which visually feature street art and sonically feature various neighborhoods, transportation systems and markets. Over 150 remixes were installed back in to the cityscape via QR-Codes. The codes are accessible via internet enabled CCD devices (such as cell phones and mp3 players).

Artist E-mail Address: jumpcutjen@yahoo.com
Website: www.signaltonoisecoalition.com
Taubman Museum: www.taubmanmuseum.org/main/exhibitions/watch-it-video-art

°Alejandro Schianchi

Untitled -  Alejandro Schianchi
TITLE: Untitled (site-specific ubicuity)
MEDIUM: QR Code, Layar (Augmented Reality application), 3D Application
DEVICE(S): Android, iOS, Blackberry
STATUS: For more information
YEAR: 2011

ARTIST(S): Alejandro Schianchi

Theorist, professor, and artist, lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He's candidate for Master in Electronic Arts, graduate from the University of Cinema in B.A. in Cinematography, he's also an Electronic Technician in Computers. Professor in several fields in the Electronic Arts career at the University of Tres de Febrero, has also teached at University of Buenos Aires in the Faculty of Architecture and Design, University of Cinema, Cievyc and University Maimonides. Has made installations, videos, photographies, videosculptures, performances, and has shown his works in Germany, USA, Canada, Spain, Romania, Denmark, Slovenia, Peru, Brazil, and in the most well know places in Argentina. Won a mention in the Limbo award of Electronic and New Media prize in conjunction with the Espacio Fundacian Telefonica and the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art.
Has made presentations about Art & Technology in 'Catedra UNESCO de Turismo Cultural', AAMNBA, 2009; 'Medida Italiana: Videoarte Italiano', Espacio Fundacian Telefonica, 2010; 'GLI.TC/H', Chicago, USA, 2010; 'Pursuit: Failure Symposium', Berlin, Germany, 2010; 'ISEA 2011', Istanbul, Turkey; among others.

Project Information:
Using code to generate a three dimensional shape that moves exactly the same volume to a real-world geographic location, as determined by the axes of latitude, longitude, and height chosen. Using a mobile device (smartphone) with Internet connection capability, GPS, camera, and Layar application installed you can display the virtual object located in real space.

The physical movement of the body of the viewer with his/her device to the point where is located the virtual object requires us to think of a real mapping to a virtual overlay. The user / viewer is forced to display physical movement to get a virtual production "hosted" on the Internet is not common, since all of your data is presumed to be accessible equally to all geographical locations connected to it, without the need to physically go to them.
On the contrary, from the point of view of the project, which places the objects in the world does not need to move, because with only the numbers for desired latitude and longitude can place the object anywhere in the world.

The places (until now) are:

- Galeria Arte x Arte (Bs. As., Argentina)
- Centro Cultural General San Martin (Bs. As., Argentina)
- MALBA (Bs. As., Argentina)
- Galerias Pacifico (Bs. As., Argentina)
- Guggenheim Museum (N. Y., EEUU)
- Centre Pompidou (Paris, Francia)
- ZKM (Karlsruhe, Alemania)

More Information: schianchi.com.ar/obras/sintitulo2011.html
Artist E-mail Address: schianchi@gmail.com

°Anaisa Franco

Connected Memories -  Anaisa Franco
TITLE: Connected Memories
MEDIUM: Interactive Installation
DEVICE(S): Mixed Media, Bluetooth, Mobile Devices
STATUS: For more information
YEAR: 2007

ARTIST(S): Anaisa Franco

Anaisa Franco, 1981. Work as an artist. Since 2006 she has been developing works in Medialabs and residences at Medialab Prado, Mecad, MIS, Hangar, Taipei Artist Village and Mediaestruch. She has been exhibiting in America, Europe and Asia as 5th Seoul International Media Art Bienalle, Seoul, Korea. ARCOmadrid, Vision Play at Medialab PRADO, Sonarmática at CCCB, Barcelona, Spain. Tekhné at MAB and Mostra LABMIS in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Live Ammo in MOCA, Taipei. SLOW at Plymouth Art Centre at England, and many others. She has a Master in Digital Art and technology at University of Plymouth in England and graduated in Visual Arts at FAAP in Sao Paulo. She creates robotic sculptures that interconnect the physical with the digital, re-signifying concepts of psychology, providing behaviors, imagination and feelings for the sculptures.

Project Information:
Connected Memories (2007), is a machine that symbolically function processing and bringing to the conscious level stored remembering. The work structure is made by a database in expansion that stores memories in form of narrations and audio visual.
The installation is formed by two transparent light sensible sculptures that dialogue between each other, exchanging memories, feelings and remembering. Each head has a Bluetooth and the people could interfere in the dialogue by sending text messages and videos using their mobile devices. The system immediately reproduces the files through a synthetic voice and TV, which are stored, been part of the head's collective unconscious memory database. The heads also emit feelings that are expressed through light intensities that feel the user presence in the space.

Jordi Puig (Programming Max Msp)
Eduard Aylon (Programming Arduino)
Theo Firmo (Voice and Music)
Claudia Dorei (English and Portuguese Voice)
Claudia Missura (Portuguese Voice)
Carol Lee and her friends (Korean Voice) Recorded at NelsonStudios

Special Thanks to everybody who collaborate and took part in this project.
Jordi Puig, Vanina Hofman, Berta Diaz, Perla Montelonga, Eduard Aylon, Theo Firmo, Juliana Mundim, Maarten Bertheux, Joo Yun Lee, Gabriela Greeb, Nelson Nicastro, Claudia Missura, Claudia Dorei and everybody who participate.

More Information: anaisafranco.com/projects_connected.html
Artist E-mail Address: anaisafranco@gmail.com


Indeterminate Hikes + (IH+) -  ecoarttech
TITLE: Indeterminate Hikes + (IH+)
MEDIUM: Android, Google Maps, Smartphone
DEVICE(S): Android Smartphone
STATUS: For more information
YEAR: 2012

ARTIST(S): Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint (aka ecoarttech)

We, Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint, founded ecoarttech in 2005 to explore environmental issues and convergent media from an interdisciplinary perspective. Leila earned her PhD in literature from Columbia University in 2009 and was Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow in Environmental Humanities at Wellesley College in 2010-2011. Cary is Assistant Professor of Digital Art at University of Rochester and has created new media art for over twenty years. His works are in the collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, Walker Art Center, Rhizome.org at the New Museum for Contemporary Art, and Computer Fine Arts.

Our collaborative explores what it means to be a modern ecological being amidst networked environments, including biological systems, global cultural exchanges, international commerce, industrial grids, digital networks, and the world wide web. Merging primitive with emergent technologies, we investigate the overlapping terrain between "nature," built environments, mobility, and electronic spaces. Our recent work includes commissions for the Whitney Museum of American Art, Turbulence.org, and University of North Texas and exhibitions/performances at MIT Media Lab, Smackmellon Gallery, European Media Art Festival, Exit Art Gallery, and Neuberger Museum of Art.

As former New Yorkers living upstate but with continual contact with NYC, we are intrigued by the effects of city-country relationships on the artistic imagination, especially with rural spaces becoming increasingly networked. In 2011, we will be “off-the-grid” artist-residents at Joya: Arte+Ecología, in an Eastern-Andalusian national park. We are also at work launching our own residency program in the Maine mountains where new media practitioners will be invited to make art in networked treehouses.

Project Information:
Indeterminate Hikes + (IH+) is an Android app that transforms everyday landscapes into sites of bio-cultural diversity and wild happenings. Generally devices of rapid communication and consumerism, smartphones are re-appropriated by IH+ as tools of environmental imagination and meditative wonder, renewing awareness of intertwining biological, cultural, and media ecologies and slowing us down at the same time.

The app works by importing the rhetoric of wilderness into virtually any place accessible by Google Maps and encouraging its users to treat these locales as spaces worthy of the attention accorded to sublime landscapes, such as canyons and gorges. This project extends from ecoarttech's belief that ecological awareness must be based in the places that humans actually live, not just in relatively uninhabited natural spaces. We also believe it is essential that conversations about environmental sustainability and ecological management be democratized through the arts, and not only considered within a scientific context.

Artist(s) URL: www.ecoarttech.net
Artist E-mail Address: lcnadir [at] gmail [dot] com


Winter Project -  MissPixels
TITLE: Winter Project
MEDIUM: variety of applications + iphone
DEVICE(S): iPhone
STATUS: For more information
See a video teaser of Winter project here
YEAR: 2011

ARTIST(S): MissPixels

Born in Quebec, Canada, MissPixels has flourished in the Visual Arts community for over 20 years. Being an illustrator for iStockPhoto and Getty Images, graphic designer and freelance art director, she then turned to the iPhone in 2009 as her main medium for artistic expression.

In 2010, Wired Magazine named two of her pieces "Best SmartPhone Photo". Meanwhile, the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art of New-York) tweeted about her famous piece "4th of July" to its 400,000 followers. Two years later, she becomes the first iPhoneography artist worldwide to give a TEDx talk, adding to her long list of accomplishments.

Receiving worldwide recognition for her work in iPhoneography, she has become the Canadian reference in Mobile Art. MissPixels has participated in several exhibitions in countries such as Italy, Australia, the United States, Canada and Spain. She has received countless accolades and has given conferences and workshops in London, Montreal as well as New York City and Barcelona. Always willing to share her vision and inspiration, she actively gives back to the artistic community through numerous interviews in various newspapers, magazines and books.

Project Information:
Just before reaching REM sleep, our brain is imaged through data and feverishly fighting to stay in action. The states intersect, object, action. I work as a rural landscape EEG mapping stylized the state of my brain when taking pictures. Between the excitement and the contemplative state, the landscape has a different pictorial diagram.

Artist E-mail Address: hello@misspixels.com

°Annie Wan

Around the Corner -  Annie Wan
TITLE: Around the Corner
MEDIUM: Animated Images, internet, sound
DEVICE(S): iPhone
STATUS: For more information
View on iTunes
Video Documentation
Project Website
YEAR: 2011

ARTIST(S): Annie Wan

Annie Wan (PhC, Center For Digital Arts & Experimental Media (DXARTS), University of Washington, Seattle US) is an international contemporary artist, often creates artworks concern with a notion of what is the "intra-relationship" between spaces and sites, materials and immaterial, inter-relationship between the site and the context. Her works have been exhibited at festivals in Europe, Asia and North America, including Art+Communication Festival 2004 (Riga, Latvia), Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Conference 2004 (Singapore), ZeroOne/ ISEA 2006 (San Jose, US) and French Pavilion in 10th Venice Architecture Biennale (Venice, Italy). In 2010, She works as an Artist-in-Resident at Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Science (IAMAS), Japan.

Project Information:
Around the Corner presents a telematic software art which engages physical spaces. It is a locative iphone application, structured around the manifestation of locative animations in hybrid space.

When users launch this semi-autonomous software, their current locations will be marked on the map and they will be uploaded to a internet server, together with their current date and time. The server side software will analyze features of users' locations and match with the texts, generated via markov chain algorithm, based on Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. Then, random place marks with generative texts will be placed on users' maps automatically.

Each line of generative text will be matched with a clip of pre-recorded video or audio on the server. Their matching processes will be based on feature analysis of the audiovisuals. When the users click on a particular place mark, s/ he can listen/ view that matched audio or video clip. The entire algorithmic process will be started again when the users click "update location" button.

The plot of the interactive narrative is simple, imagine you are supposed to meet someone on the street but can’t him/ her at a particular time.

Artist E-mail Address: anniewan@uw.edu

°Hector Leiva

The Matter of Memory -  Hector Leiva
TITLE: The Matter of Memory
MEDIUM: Javascript code via Titanium Appcelerator application. iPhone
DEVICE(S): iPhone 3G
STATUS: For more information
YEAR: 2011

ARTIST(S): Hector Leiv

Hector Leiva is a Brooklyn-based artist using networking systems as a means of investigating the complex relationships between memory and time. From installation-based work to mobile applications, he works on creating opensystems that allows for audience interaction to further question their own relationships with memory and time. He graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA and MFA in 2008 and 2011 respectively.

Project Information:
The Matter of Memory is continuously developing piece that investigates the relationship between the creation of memories and the physical space that embodies them. Using a smart-phone as the platform to allow the user to record sound and have it tethered to their GPS location, anyone running this app can record his or her memories within a place of importance. Uploading their memory will allow other people to listen to it on the condition that any other user must be within 100 feet of the place of initial recording to listen to it. This physical constraint of the 100-foot radius in order to listen to a digital recording is a method to engage in an experience that focuses on how the physical spaces we move through contain history and their own memories. These memories left by individuals have their own importance, which shouldn't be ignored when analyzed against "objective" history.

Artist E-mail Address: hexxorleiva@gmail.com

°Rosângela Ap

Panorâmica Brás - Rosângela Ap
Panorâmica Brás, 2008. Motorola V220. Digital Collage

Terraço Itália - Rosângela Ap
Terraço Itália, 2009. Motorola V3 RAZR, Digital Collage

Paulista - Rosângela Ap
Paulista, 2009. Motorola V3 RAZR. Digital Collage.

IA - Rosângela Ap
IA, 2009. Motorola V3 RAZR. Digital Collage.

Cariocas - Rosângela Ap
Cariocas, 2011. Motorola EX115. Digital Collage.

TITLE: Projeto Panorâmicas 360º
MEDIUM: photography and digital collage; video
DEVICE(S): Motorola EX115, Motorola V3 RAZR, Motorola V220i
STATUS: For more information
YEAR: 2008 – 2011

ARTIST(S): Rosângela Ap

Rosangela Ap was born in 1977 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She is an artist, designer, researcher, teacher andindependent curator. Bachelor of Visual Arts (2009), with a degree in Visual Arts (2009) at the Art Institute of UNESP, Sao Paulo. Now, she makes the course of Master of Arts (2011-2013) at Unesp. CAPES scholarship (2011-2013). Since 1996 she participates in art shows and his works are present in the Musée deL’Elisée (Switzerland) and other institutions as well as appear in print and online catalogs.

Project Information:
Projeto Panorâmicas 360º
The project aims at producing 360 degree panoramic images from image capture with mobile devices, mostly mobile phones, questioning the ownership and use of these images by artists or by users. Since 2006, the developed images – digital, print or videographic – are displayed in art shows both in the context of art and technology and site-specific or relations with the urban landscape.

Artist E-mail Address: rosangelaap@gmail.com

°Aaron Oldenburg

new media artist - Aaron Oldenburg
TITLE: Optic Echo
MEDIUM: Unity3D, iOS
STATUS: For more information see
iTunes Page
Video Documentation
YEAR: 2011

ARTIST(S): Aaron Oldenburg

Aaron Oldenburg is a game designer and new media artist whose primary interest is in game rules as an expressive medium. His video and interactive work has exhibited in festivals and galleries in New York, Berlin, São Paulo and Los Angeles, including SIGGRAPH and FILE Electronic Language International Festival.

Project Information:
Make an invisible world visible by making noise. In a “blind” game without sound, use your voice to find your way.

Chase a man through a maze and inscribe your voice on his body.

It was created for the June 2011 Experimental Gameplay Project challenge, “MASHUP”. It is an echolocation-based video game with a voice-activated silent soundscape. The intention is to make visuals that are rendered in the way that audio is experienced.

“[L]ike the fire, sound is always coming into and going out of existence, evading the continuous presence that metaphysics requires; like the fire also, sound is heard and felt simultaneously, dissolving subject and object, interior and exterior. Like the river, sound cannot be called “the same” since it changes at every point in its movement through a space; yet like “Soul,” it does not strictly belong to the object. Nor can sound’s source and ending be defined, for it originates as already multiple, a “mix,” which makes it impossible to speak of “a” sound without endangering the structure of Western thought itself.” – Frances Dyson, Sounding New Media

This game requires a built-in microphone.

Additional Projects:
TITLE: small spaces
Project Information: Escape large crowds by virtually hiding in a small space nearby.
STATUS: View Project Information

TITLE: ThatTimeIAlmostDiedAtAConcert
Project Information: This is a silent game that proceduralizes the experience of trying to follow a story though interaction with the waveform.
STATUS: View Project Information
MEDIUM: Processing
DEVICE(S): Android

TITLE: Ohrwurm
Project Information: An experiment in implied sound and auditory hallucination.
STATUS: View Project Information
MEDIUM: Processing
DEVICE(S): Android

TITLE: Sound Swallower
Project Information: In this game, your goal is to run and collect fragments of your environment’s auditory history before it is erased.
STATUS: View Project Information

°Seth Indigo Carnes

iheart poetics : a visual poetry app for iPhone - Seth Indigo Carnes
TITLE: iheart poetics
STATUS: For more information see
YEAR: 2011

ARTIST(S): Seth Indigo Carnes

Seth Indigo Carnes
Manhattan, NY

Born in California, Made in NYC. Seth Indigo Carnes is a conceptual media artist whose works focus on the creation of emotive experience and spiritual goods. His projects explore the boundaries that permeate contemporary society: high / low culture, private / public, self / group, nature / machine.

Past exhibitions include P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, White Box (NYC), Emily Harvey Foundation (NYC), Witzenhausen Gallery (NYC), Fountain Art Fair (Miami), Lund 2014 (Sweden), The Drop (NYC), and the luggage store (SF). He has collaborated in the past with Paul D. Miller, Shepard Fairey, and The Roots.

Carnes holds a BA in History from Pomona College and a MS in Integrated Digital Media from NYU Polytechnic.

Project Information:
iheart poetics is an iPhone app for creating and sharing interactive visual poems that merge text and imagery as one.

Take a picture, and then write anything you feel, whether a poem, one word or a caption Or start with text and add an image later. iheart poetics is flexible and saves your work as you create.

Share and build an ongoing love note with your partner, an evolving joke about a day in the life, or write a poetry book together…the possibilities are endless. And you can always share poetics as an image via email, MMS, Twitter, and Facebook.

The iheart poetics app opens up the poetics form and usage to the world-at-large; it will also serve as an essential creative and research tool by which the project can continue to develop concepts of mutable text, conceptual writing, and bookmaking in the 21st century.

°Michelle Adolfs & Petra Mueller

DEEP-CLAPS - Michelle Adolfs & Petra Mueller
MEDIUM: Creative Zen Vision:M and iPod V
The clips with 30sec playtime are available in 352 x 288 pixels as mpeg1-files (*.mpg) and wmv-files (*.wmv) and in 320 x 240 pixels as mpeg4-files (*.mp4).
STATUS: For more information see
YEAR: 2006

ARTIST(S): atelier KUNSTKOMMT! Michelle Adolfs & Petra Mueller

Michelle Adolfs (*1972) and Petra Mueller (*1969) work as visual artists and social scientists by the name of atelier KUNSTKOMMT!. The German artists team concentrates mainly on the impact of digital media on everyday life culture in images and values. Since 1996 they explore forms of media communication and their relationships to materiality. The art works originate in multiple formats including the web, installation, video, performance, photography, painting, objects. Their website www.kunstkommt.de presents current projects as well as an archive of previous works.

Project Information:
The webvideo project “deep-claps” is a download platform with video clips about aphorisms as cultural shared wisdom. Everyone knows some — aphorisms are used almost inflationary. As a central part of our culture aphorisms are an indicator of meaning and thinking in society. There are some very deep and dark tellings, which play diffuse roles in everyday communication.

We are searching for emotional ambivalences in the combination of word and image. The globalization with a simple English translation of words forces an isolation from cultural references and meanings. In short video clips the metaphors of mostly German aphorisms are transferred into absurd scenes. What is in these thoughts with so called “deep” truth?

The clips are published as edition online via www.deep-claps.de. With a “download and send to a friend” they travel around the world …

°Ramie Blatt

iCU- Ramie Blatt
Artist: Ramie Blatt
MEDIUM: Cell phones and mobile device that support Flash Lite.
STATUS: More Information at www.ramieblatt.com
YEAR: 2006

Ramie Blatt was born in Montreal, Canada, in 1966. He graduated with a degree in physics from McGill University and later studied anthropology and fine arts. Ramie has built a career as a multimedia and software developer while also exploring many interests: nature, travel, humanitarianism, writing, meditation, yoga, filmmaking and art. He has lived in and experienced diverse landscapes and scenes in the Americas, Australia, Oceania, Europe and Asia. Ramie now lives in Miami with his wife, Kaylin; they are expecting twins.

“I See(the) You” is an interactive artificial life installation, currently showing at “MOVING IMAGE: Video, Animation and Software Art” at Alonso Art Gallery in Miami, to November 25, 2006.

This is a Flash-based installation with video camera. It generates hundreds of ants that swarm randomly. Occasionally, they swarm into a pattern, tracing out the viewer’s face. The image soon fades and the ants swarm again.

A small scale version of this piece called “iCU” for mobile devices (iPod, cell phone) will react instead to any image selected, such as from a cell phone’s camera.

A demo of “iCU” is available at my artist web site, using my own image. www.ramieblatt.com

Artist E-mail Address: ramie@ramieblatt.com

°Cris Orfescu

NANOART - Cris Orfescu
Artist: Cris Orfescu
MEDIUM: NANOART (electron microscope scans computer painted and printed with archival inks on canvas or fine art paper – limited editions).
STATUS: Any Series 60 phone. (176×208) or
PDA, PocketPC, Windows Mobile (240×320)
Download NANOART Wallpapers (Series60)
Download NANOART Wallpapers (PDA)
YEAR: 2005

I create Art from Science using Technology. My art is a reflection of my background and interest in art, materials science, computer technologies and nanotechnology and is called NANOART. I think people should know what's going on in the micro-world in order to not be afraid of all kinds of "nano-things" (nanotechnology, nanoscience, nanopowders…) that are happening right now with the new technological revolution. The ideas behind my art are the interpretations of the technological movement. Art is becoming interdisciplinary. New media are used more and more. New technology is used more and more. We live in a technological society and there is no reason why Art should stay away from Technology. I bring the nano-dimensional world to the public through high resolution electron microscope images computer painted and digitally processed. I try to find similarities with the world we live in, so people will become familiar with the novel technologies in a more appealing way.

Artist e-mail address: criorf@verizon.net

For more information see www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/c/criorf
For more information see crisorfescu.com

°James R Ford

Feecal and Friends - James R Ford
TITLE: Feecal and Friends
Artist: James R Ford
MEDIUM: Any Series 60 Nokia phone. (176×208) or
Macromedia Flashlite enabled phone.
STATUS: Download Feecal and Friends
YEAR: 2005

Ford is a multi-media artist currently based in London, England. He has co-written and illustrated the book House Gymnastics, had work commissioned for the permanent collection at the Swedish Museum of Modern Art, was nominated for the British Art Show 6, and has received a number of grants from Arts Council England. Ford will be attending postgraduate study in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London, during 2004/2005.

Project Information:
James Robert Ford has stated that his works are concerned with “the morality of idiocy”. Projects and investigations based around observations, process and play. Crossing-over web/digital with the physical manifestation of the art and often involving the everyday, so as to tap-in to our collective memory/consciousness. He has used mucus, Teletext, home exercise and car number plates as sources of inspiration and material for constructing the works. Combining nostalgic/childhood visual references & ideas with humour, personal narrative and contemporary issues.

For further information visit www.littlechocolatestarfish.com.


CITYSNAPPER_Game - LAb[au] and iMAGE z[ONE] - Olivier Vanderaa
Artist: Collaboration project from LAb[au] and iMAGE z[ONE] – Olivier Vanderaa
MEDIUM: HARDWARE: PC computer, mobile phones, SMS web servers
SOFTWARE: windows 2000 operating system, self programmed 3D-SMS interface + Vir-tools for the web.
STATUS: Project will take place in Brussels in June 2005
YEAR: 2005

About LAb[au]
The development of the “sPACE, navi-gable music” application by Lab[au] in the past few years lead to the elaboration of new performative 3D environments and many possibilities of collaboration. Among others, like for instance INFO.SCAPES_ INFOR-MATION SOCIETY, an interactive 3D hyper-textu(r)al interface designed for the European Commission to display the poli-tics of the EU commission in the field of IC technologies (see http://www.lab-au.com/files/doc/eu.htm), the CITYSNAP-PER_Game project uses properties of 3D electronic environments to create a spacial navigation through collected data.

About iMAGE z[ONE] – Olivier Vanderaa
Mainly focusing on contemporary western society, and particularly urban structures and cultures, leaning on a documentary base, Olivier Vanderaa started in early 2002 a reflexion on the nature of the city, considering it as the result of the interaction of two processes: a physical construction (urbanization) as well as a mental (space representation, social context) one. Naturally came the question of how to map these characteristics: in that matter, new media seemed to be appropriate tools, for they allow to easily index the collected data, to interface them with the user (notably through hypertext links), and because the web medium permits to keep a trace of the work and thus draw a comparison between various urban contexts. More information can be seen at www.o-vanderaa.com/citysnapper_gamez.

Project Information:

  • A real time interactive game for the contemporary metropolitan space, using an online 3D interface with a modeling of the city, SMS server technology and digital photography.
  • Members of the audience – players – use SMS to:
  1. send physically photographer to a part of town to bring back a picture of it
  2. orientate the shooting with additionnal verbal instructions (word, sentence, riddle)
  3. react later on to the picture taken, to mark their satisfaction/unsatisfaction.
  • Photographer takes a picture with a cell phone and implements the interface via SMS.
  • The audience can follow the game :
  1. through the online 3D interface, from a home computer
  2. by navigating the 3D modeling of the city screened in the exhibition space, where a physical exhibition is being built.
  • The game ends with a closing event, where players can retrieve a print of the image they gave birth to.

Collaborative agency for inFORMational projects and Metadesign.
Rue de laeken, 104
B-1000 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 219 65 55

Olivier Vanderaa,
Rue Edouard Michiels, 35
B-1180 Brussels, Belgium
Tel+Fax: +32 2 376 98 98


Interactive Artwall - Studiometis
TITLE: Interactive Artwall
Artist: Studiometis
MEDIUM: Mixed Media
STATUS: For more information see
YEAR: 2004

Project Information:
“For public spaces we created an interactive wall, a language between social spaces: couple, family, young, pensioner. The contents are digital: videos, animations, graffiti, texts, icons…

The interface is the mobile phone used for playing with contents and for sending contents like own pictures or texts. The user is a player involved in an artistic behaviour. He can use the wall as a VJ, choosing a DJ mix over his headphones connected to his mobile. The visuals are selected with the mobile over a database of animations, short videos, texts, icons, images, remixing them in real time. Other players are welcome to create a collective artwork. He can also use the wall like a graffiti sprayer, drawing, modifying, changing colours, size of pencils, adding visual effects. The next player can use the same surface or defining an own surface. Using the phone as a pointer he can select some options, customizing his digital spray. The artwork is visible for the public passing by. When the wall is not used, it shows the works of the day.”

“Im preparing a project metissage japan made out of a japan trip in 2002 its about interactive installations + performances + game + website with different devices like joystick and mobile phone”

°Jon Montenegro

iPhone mobile art - Jon Montenegro
iPhone mobile art - Jon Montenegro
TITLE: The Day
Artist: Jon Montenegro
MEDIUM: html5
STATUS: For more information see
Vimeo Video Documentation
YEAR: 2005

Jon Montenegro is an Artist and Art Director from Allentown, PA. After attending Temple University, Tyler School of Art, he has been involved in several collaborative art and design projects involving interactive art, folksonomy art, social media art, and mobile (cell phone) / tablet art.

Project Information:
“The Day” – Mobile Art Timepiece
The project is an explorative minimal art piece for mobile devices. The art piece is an ever changing composition that also serves as a functional time piece.

The minimal composition and color changes in relation to the time of the day. Through time the user can learn the time just by quickly glancing at the colors and composition.

The original project was called “Red Day”, created circa 2003, using Adobe Flash/Flashlite for Series 60 devices and pocketPC devices.

°Kate Pemberton

EMS - Kate Pemberton
Artist: Kate Pemberton
MEDIUM: WAP technology, Pixel Graphics, Cross-Stitch
STATUS: For more information see
YEAR: 2005

My practice addresses the cultural effects that technology has on society. My current interest is in the status of craft objects in an age of electronic consumerist culture. I identify crossovers between computer graphics, and craft techniques, and explore these by making tangible art objects.

Project Information:
My latest projects suggest an emotive, quirky, humorous aspect of functional computer graphics and of electronic devices by drawing parallels between their form and function and the techniques and meanings embraced in traditional needle crafts.

I concern myself with the visual appeal of machines and electronics. I am interested in how they are considered as objects of desire, in terms of their fabrication, capabilities, and the status they give the individuals that own them.

The catalogue section of ems.endfile.com has visual and written reference to my Individual projects.

°Katie Lips

160 - Katie Lips
TITLE: 160
Artist: Katie Lips
MEDIUM: SMS messages, iPod
STATUS: Archived
YEAR: 2005

Katie Lips has worked with Netmedia for several years having a traditional arts background with diverse skills across digital arts and creative commerce. Educated at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, and DeMontfort University, she has developed a strong interest in user interaction in mobile spaces.

Katie’s work with Digital media is centred around the concept of the ‘user as content creator’, the notion that we all create art and communications without necessarily trying. Katie uses technology to capture these streams of consciousness and to display them offering new views on the personal private mobile world.

Project Information:
160 is an archive of 160 SMS messages that I have treasured in the past 18 months. These messages, of up to 160 characters each have been sent to me from my boyfriend, sister, parents, and friends, from phone companies and people offering me SMS porn.

The messages are unedited, a snapshot of what people have been sending me, telling me, asking me. These are my messages, but not my messages, they are not what I have written, but what I have collected, and chosen to keep. These things mean something to me, as do so many messages to so many people.

Whilst we know what we send by SMS, and we know what we receive, we do not have any idea what other people get, how other people compose messages; we have no view into other people’s phones. As a Digital Artist, I was keen to explore this with the development of treasuremytext (www.treasuremytext.com). This project ’160′ is 160 of my messages stored on treasuremytext. It is a snapshot made available for anyone else to browse how they choose, to make their own judgements about me, my text life, and the people who send me messages.

Most of us have to delete SMS messages we have received from our phones, this collection demonstrates the powerful nature both in the important messages and the mundane ones that can be tracked back over an extended period of time. Without treasuring these messages they would have been lost, but now have a new life as a text archive which can live away from the mobile phone.

The availability of messages for others to take away using their iPod offers people voyeuristic opportunities to explore the content of this work, to try to construct their own stories around the messages they find, to identify their own meaning to build their own picture of those whose mobile lives have touched mine. Much of the content of my messages is humorous, throw away, perhaps pointless; this hints at what the rest of us carry around in our pockets but never show anyone else.

Whilst it is possible to get content off a phone onto a computer, or onto a website, this project extends the possibilities for viewing mobile art by making this content available on iPod. iPod is used as the viewing device, offering greater control for the audience. The use of iPod also raises questions about ownership of artistic content, each user creates a new version by the act of downloading and viewing the work.

°Henry Reichhold

FreeRun - Henry Reichhold
TITLE: Free Run Exhibition
Artist: Henry Reichhold
MEDIUM: SWF, Video Wall Paper, VTRACK / ArtMatic
STATUS: For more information see
Free Run
YEAR: 2005

Henry Reichhold
Photographer/digital artist
DOB 11/12/ 1953

Previous Solo Exibitions:
English National Ballet and London exhibitions at the Royal Albert Hall
1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002
Theatre museum 2001
london colliseum 2000
Gantry arts center 2002

Group shows:
Photographers Gallery
Association Gallery
Global Cafe

Recent main Exhibitions
‘who needs sleep’ Loading bay gallery 2002
Hungerford bridge exhibition 2003
Tower Bridge panoramic exhibition 2004
Nokia mean fiddler exhibition 2004
Aim 6 – armory arts center in Los Angeles 2005

Forthcomming Exhibitions
FreeRun at Cargo 2005
Gatwick Airport (massive panoramic exhibition) 2006

Sponsors have included , HP, Kodak and Canon
Please see www.reichholdarts.com for samples of work.

Project Information:
“London based artist called Henry Reichhold, who has been shooting video action and photo stills of the Seidojin team in action. At last, the project (sponsored by Nokia) is about to draw to an end with some unique work in the bag and all of it being shot using mobile phone technology. An exhibition is now in place to showcase it all.”
- urbanfreeflow

Date – 29th of November. 2005
Time – 6.30pm.
Location – Cargo, 83 Rivington Street,
London, EC2A 3AY.
For more information visit Free Run Nokia Video.

°Eric Pajot

Wall Paper Video - Eric Pajot
TITLE: Wall Paper Video
Artist: Eric Pajot
MEDIUM: SWF, Video Wall Paper, VTRACK / ArtMatic
STATUS: For more information see
Download Blueraytel
Download Tpaperlight
YEAR: 2005

Eric Pajot was born in 1966. After a degree in graphic design and cinema decor(set), Eric trained himself on digital imaging softwares and worked for several years as a graphic artist and as an artistic director in several industries: multimedia, internet and magazines.

Additionally, in 1992 Eric created with a friend a radioshow “Radiomentale” which was broadcasted on Radio FG (Paris), in Swissland and Tokyo. This radioshow has now evolved into a “sound creation duo” covering different aspects from sound design to mixing, djing and composition.

“Always divided between my graphical work and music, thanks to the DVD, I’m now able to reunite theses two passions”.

A series of wallpapers based on light micrographs of bacteria and mould spores found on mobile phones during normal everyday use shown at 1000x magnification. These are part of a major sci-art collaboration lead by artist Anna Dumitriu entitled The Normal Flora project, which involves culturing bacteria and moulds from the artist’s domestic environment, a multimedia installation is planned for 2006.

Project Information:
With the increasing number of flat screen TV sets, the television as an object, can now be regarded as an artful display, an item designed to fit a decoration or an environment.

Thus the idea of creating a brand new type of programmes, an alternative to classical TV programmes, is an interesting concept. It would enable to associate appearance and substance in order to transform the television into an harmonious object.

TV sets can now be used as a vivid video painting which can be either ignored or hypnotizing. They can be an esthetical entity matching the user’s mood, an interior design or a type of screen.

Several editorial projects are in development, and a series of 6 videos have been released for the FIAC 2004, at the gallery.

For additional information visit:

°Anna Dumitriu

Phone Flora - Anna Dumitriu
TITLE: Phone Flora
Artist: Anna Dumitriu
MEDIUM: jpeg wallpaper for mobile phone
STATUS: For more information see
YEAR: 2005

Anna Dumitriu is an artist whose work is heavily inspired by science, in particular medical science and the concept of immortality. The work looks closely at cell biology and the use of supplements to prolong life with recent paintings looking at the Vitamin C molecule. Anna uses an extensive range of materials and techniques including mixed media on canvas, watercolour, and digital or traditional printmaking.

A series of wallpapers based on light micrographs of bacteria and mould spores found on mobile phones during normal everyday use shown at 1000x magnification. These are part of a major sci-art collaboration lead by artist Anna Dumitriu entitled The Normal Flora project, which involves culturing bacteria and moulds from the artist’s domestic environment, a multimedia installation is planned for 2006.

For more information see www.normalflora.co.uk

°Anders Weberg

Anders-Weberg-Collection - Anders Weberg
TITLE: Collected works of Anders Weberg 2008-2012
Artist: Anders Weberg
MEDIUM: Nokia N8, Iphone 4s, iPad 2.
STATUS: For more information see
YEAR: 2005

Anders is an artist working in video, sound, new media and installations and he is primarily concerned with identity. The human body lies at the root of projects that formally and conceptually chart identity and its construction as a preamble to broaching matters of violence, genders, memory, loss or ideology in which personal experiences co-exists with references to popular culture, the media and consumerism. Specializing in digital technologies, he aims to mix genres and ways of expression to explore the potential of audio visual media.

He coined the term Peer-to-peer art or (p2p art) in 2006. Art made for - and only available on - the peer to peer networks. The original artwork is first shared by the artist until one other user has downloaded it. After that the artwork will be available for as long as other users share it. The original file and all the material used to create it are deleted by the artist. "There's no original". Six films with a duration between 45 minutes and 9 hours have been uploaded on the file sharing networks in one copy and their original have been deleted. P2P Art - The aesthetics of ephemerality.

Also the founder and curator of the Stian [con]temporary art gallery and AIVA, Angelholm International Video Art Festival 2012.

Currently based in the small village Kölleröd in the south of Sweden and has exhibited at numerous art/film festivals, galleries, and museums internationally, including:
Museum of Modern Art 2011, Buenos Aires, Argentina. File Brazil 2007-2008-2011- 2012, São Paulo, Brazil; FutureEverything 2010, Manchester, UK; National Museum of Contemporary Art 2010, Athens, Greece; Beijing Contemporary Art Centre 2010, Beijing, China; Cape 09 Art Biennale, 2009, Cape Town, South Africa; Biennale of Sydney 2008, Sydney, Australia; National Museum, Szczecin, Poland; [10th] Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo, Japan; 13th Barcelona International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art, SONAR, Barcelona, Spain; Scope New York, US; Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC), Santa Fe, Argentina; Pocket Films , Centre Pompidou, Paris; Videoformes, Clermont – Ferrand, France and EMAF, European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, Germany.
Anders Weberg
Artist and Curator

Kölleröd 7374
S-24291 Hörby


Stian [con]temporary art gallery

°Nuno Serrão

Project Paperclip - Nuno Serrão
TITLE: Project Paperclip
Artist(s): Nuno Serrão, urbanistasdigitais
MEDIUM: Mixed Media, iPhone
STATUS: For more information see
YEAR: 2012

Project Paperclip is the first photographic exhibit to use real-time processed reactive soundscapes. The concept was imagined by the Portuguese creative Nuno Serrão, and by including the auditory canal, it tries to transport visitors to a state that gives them a different interpretation of of the 16 photographs.

The experience is unique each time it is activated as the app's algorithm utilizes real-time processing of variables from the visitors location, such as: the time of day, the level of noise that exists in the room, your voice, the movement and localization of the user, amongst many others.

Video of the opening (does not reflect the reactive soundscapes): www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtdmOHXrG8Ea

The concept of Augmented Reality, utilizes a digital interface to permit the creation of a bridge between our universe and the digital universe, creating a mixed ambience in real time where the differentiation between these two realities is reduced. In this exhibition, this is brought about by using an iPhone, headsets and an application that is available on the Apple app store.

To make full use of this exhibition, visitors that have an iPhone 3 or above need to download Project Paperclip application, at the AppStore. Equipped with a headphones (the better the quality, the more immersive the simulation will be), switch on the App and follow instructions to activate the soundscapes.

You can find more information and test the concept at: www.discloseprojectpaperclip.com

What is being said:
"It is subtly disconcerting, an ominous prediction of the artificial realities we build with the help of smartphone apps and the Internet." ReadWriteWeb
"The photos are surreal, especially with the pairing of soundtracks." Mashable
"Uma experiência única." Vogue Portugal
"There's still people using the technology in innovative ways." TheCreatorsProject
"Photography exhibit in Portugal is using augmented reality and QR codes to enrich the viewer experience, demonstrating applications for the technology in the fine arts". PSFK
"With the use of an iPhone app, photographer Nuno Serrão has created an all encompassing experience for anyone who wants to view his photography the way it was intended." TheNextWeb
" (...) the concept of an app containing a portion of the exhibit itself is completely new and fascinating." Appadvice
"Project Paperclip, do português Nuno Serrão, é a primeira exposição fotográfica a nível mundial a utilizar Augmented Reality (realidade aumentada)." Público
"Trippin' – the art masters of yesteryears might also wish they had such technology at their disposal." Ubbergizmo

°João Krefer

July - João Krefer
Artist(s): João Krefer
MEDIUM: mobile phone video, LG Cookie KP570Q mobile
STATUS: For more information see
YEAR: 2010

by João Krefer
Voice: Evandro Lustosa
The looker: Daniel Rodriguez
Non-original music: "Jeremiae Prophetae: An Epigraph for Solo Piano" by Harry Crowl,
performed by Leilah Paiva (All rights reserved for the original work)

Mais screenings/Awards:
- 5th Vivo ARTE.MOV: International Mobile Art Festival | Brazil | BEST REGIONAL FILM (SOUTH)
- Hong Kong International Mobile Film Awards 2011 | Hong Kong/China | BEST DRAMA - SILVER AWARD
- Claro Shorts 2011: Brazilian Very Short Film Festival | Brazil | BEST COLLEGE FILM
- 8th Naoussa International Film Festival | Greece | BEST MOBILE MOVIE
- 10th Santa Maria Video & Film Festival | Brazil | BEST INTERNET VIDEO
- MINA 2011: International Mobile Innovation Screening | New Zealand
- Oscar Niemeyer Museum - "Translucent: Images and Movements by Arthur Tuoto & João Krefer" | Brazil
- Murillo La Greca Museum - Desvenda Contemporary Art Fair 2011 | Brazil
- Ascona Film & Video Art Festival 2012 | Switzerland
- 5th CinePocket - Brussels Mobile Film Festival | Belgium

You can find more information at: vimeo.com/joaokrefer/july

João Krefer was born in Curitiba, Brazil, 1987. Works with film, visual arts and performance.

Presentations include the Belgrade Int'l Documentary and Short Film Festival (Serbia), DocuDays – Beirut Int'l Documentary Film Festival (Lebanon), Curta Cinema – Rio de Janeiro Int'l Short Film Festival (Brazil) and the MINA – Int'l Mobile Innovation Screening (New Zealand). Awards were received at the Hong Kong Int'l Mobile Film Awards (Hong Kong/China), Naoussa Int'l Film Festival (Greece), Vivo ARTE.MOV – Int'l Mobile Art Festival (Brazil) and other audiovisual events./p>

His first solo exhibition "Translucent - Images and Movements by Arthur Tuoto & João Krefer" is currently at the internationally-renowned Oscar Niemeyer Musem, in Brazil.