Olivier Vanderaa

TITLE: CITYSNAPPER_Game Artist: Collaboration project from LAb[au] and iMAGE z[ONE] – Olivier Vanderaa MEDIUM: HARDWARE: PC computer, mobile phones, SMS web servers SOFTWARE: windows 2000 operating system, self programmed 3D-SMS interface + Vir-tools for the web. STATUS: Project will take place in Brussels in June 2005 YEAR: 2005 Bio: About LAb[au] The development of the

James R Ford

TITLE: Feecal and Friends Artist: James R Ford MEDIUM: Any Series 60 Nokia phone. (176×208) or Macromedia Flashlite enabled phone. STATUS: Download Feecal and Friends YEAR: 2005 Bio: Ford is a multi-media artist currently based in London, England. He has co-written and illustrated the book House Gymnastics, had work commissioned for the permanent collection at

Cris Orfescu

TITLE: NANOART Artist: Cris Orfescu MEDIUM: NANOART (electron microscope scans computer painted and printed with archival inks on canvas or fine art paper – limited editions). STATUS: Any Series 60 phone. (176×208) or PDA, PocketPC, Windows Mobile (240×320) Download NANOART Wallpapers (Series60) Download NANOART Wallpapers (PDA) YEAR: 2005 Bio: I create Art from Science using

Ramie Blatt

TITLE: iCU Artist: Ramie Blatt MEDIUM: Cell phones and mobile device that support Flash Lite. STATUS: More Information at www.ramieblatt.com YEAR: 2006 Bio: Ramie Blatt was born in Montreal, Canada, in 1966. He graduated with a degree in physics from McGill University and later studied anthropology and fine arts. Ramie has built a career as

Michelle Adolfs & Petra Mueller

TITLE: DEEP-CLAPS MEDIUM: Creative Zen Vision:M and iPod V The clips with 30sec playtime are available in 352 x 288 pixels as mpeg1-files (*.mpg) and wmv-files (*.wmv) and in 320 x 240 pixels as mpeg4-files (*.mp4). STATUS: For more information see www.kunstkommt.de www.deep-claps.de. YEAR: 2006 ARTIST(S): atelier KUNSTKOMMT! Michelle Adolfs & Petra Mueller Bio: Michelle

Seth Indigo Carnes

TITLE: iheart poetics MEDIUM: iOS STATUS: For more information see www.kickstarter.com/projects/soulincode/iheart-poetics-a-visual-poetry-app-for-iphone iheartpoetics.tumblr.com YEAR: 2011 ARTIST(S): Seth Indigo Carnes Bio: Seth Indigo Carnes Manhattan, NY Born in California, Made in NYC. Seth Indigo Carnes is a conceptual media artist whose works focus on the creation of emotive experience and spiritual goods. His projects explore the boundaries

Aaron Oldenburg

TITLE: Optic Echo MEDIUM: Unity3D, iOS STATUS: For more information see iTunes Page Video Documentation YEAR: 2011 ARTIST(S): Aaron Oldenburg Bio: Aaron Oldenburg is a game designer and new media artist whose primary interest is in game rules as an expressive medium. His video and interactive work has exhibited in festivals and galleries in New

Rosângela Ap

Panorâmica Brás, 2008. Motorola V220. Digital Collage Terraço Itália, 2009. Motorola V3 RAZR, Digital Collage Paulista, 2009. Motorola V3 RAZR. Digital Collage. IA, 2009. Motorola V3 RAZR. Digital Collage. Cariocas, 2011. Motorola EX115. Digital Collage. TITLE: Projeto Panorâmicas 360º MEDIUM: photography and digital collage; video DEVICE(S): Motorola EX115, Motorola V3 RAZR, Motorola V220i STATUS: For

Hector Leiva

TITLE: The Matter of Memory MEDIUM: Javascript code via Titanium Appcelerator application. iPhone DEVICE(S): iPhone 3G STATUS: For more information hectorleiva.com YEAR: 2011 ARTIST(S): Hector Leiv Bio: Hector Leiva is a Brooklyn-based artist using networking systems as a means of investigating the complex relationships between memory and time. From installation-based work to mobile applications, he

Annie Wan

TITLE: Around the Corner MEDIUM: Animated Images, internet, sound DEVICE(S): iPhone STATUS: For more information View on iTunes Video Documentation Project Website YEAR: 2011 ARTIST(S): Annie Wan Bio: Annie Wan (PhC, Center For Digital Arts & Experimental Media (DXARTS), University of Washington, Seattle US) is an international contemporary artist, often creates artworks concern with a