Alejandro Schianchi

TITLE: Untitled (site-specific ubicuity) MEDIUM: QR Code, Layar (Augmented Reality application), 3D Application DEVICE(S): Android, iOS, Blackberry STATUS: For more information YEAR: 2011 ARTIST(S): Alejandro Schianchi Bio: Theorist, professor, and artist, lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s candidate for Master in Electronic Arts, graduate from the University of Cinema in B.A. in Cinematography, he’s


TITLE: Handy-Video Project MEDIUM: Smart phones (although any internet enabled ccd device can access this project) , QR Codes (to collect footage and sound we used a Canon 7D and a H4 Zoom and we edited in Final Cut Pro) DEVICE(S): Any internet enabled ccd device can access this project STATUS: For more information