Henry Reichhold

FreeRun - Henry Reichhold
TITLE: Free Run Exhibition
Artist: Henry Reichhold
MEDIUM: SWF, Video Wall Paper, VTRACK / ArtMatic
STATUS: For more information see
Free Run
YEAR: 2005

Henry Reichhold
Photographer/digital artist
DOB 11/12/ 1953

Previous Solo Exibitions:
English National Ballet and London exhibitions at the Royal Albert Hall
1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002
Theatre museum 2001
london colliseum 2000
Gantry arts center 2002

Group shows:
Photographers Gallery
Association Gallery
Global Cafe

Recent main Exhibitions
‘who needs sleep’ Loading bay gallery 2002
Hungerford bridge exhibition 2003
Tower Bridge panoramic exhibition 2004
Nokia mean fiddler exhibition 2004
Aim 6 – armory arts center in Los Angeles 2005

Forthcomming Exhibitions
FreeRun at Cargo 2005
Gatwick Airport (massive panoramic exhibition) 2006

Sponsors have included , HP, Kodak and Canon
Please see www.reichholdarts.com for samples of work.

Project Information:
“London based artist called Henry Reichhold, who has been shooting video action and photo stills of the Seidojin team in action. At last, the project (sponsored by Nokia) is about to draw to an end with some unique work in the bag and all of it being shot using mobile phone technology. An exhibition is now in place to showcase it all.”
– urbanfreeflow

Date – 29th of November. 2005
Time – 6.30pm.
Location – Cargo, 83 Rivington Street,
London, EC2A 3AY.
For more information visit Free Run Nokia Video.

ARTIST(S): S/N Coalition

S/N Coalition is an electronic art group, which works extensively with video, sound, animation, photography and locative media. Their exhibitions often include
performative elements and mediated footage, pushing both experimental and conceptual ideas around media. S/N members include Jennida Chase and Hassan Pitts who have been creating collaborative work together since 2008.

Project Information:
The Handy-Video remix collection is a new media project in which S/N Coalition remix the urban landscape of Berlin. The remixes are video/sound-hybrids, which visually feature street art and sonically feature various neighborhoods, transportation systems and markets. Over 150 remixes were installed back in to the cityscape via QR-Codes. The codes are accessible via internet enabled CCD devices (such as cell phones and mp3 players).

Artist E-mail Address: jumpcutjen@yahoo.com
Website: www.signaltonoisecoalition.com
Taubman Museum: www.taubmanmuseum.org/main/exhibitions/watch-it-video-art

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