João Krefer

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Artist(s): João Krefer
MEDIUM: mobile phone video, LG Cookie KP570Q mobile
STATUS: For more information see
YEAR: 2010

by João Krefer
Voice: Evandro Lustosa
The looker: Daniel Rodriguez
Non-original music: “Jeremiae Prophetae: An Epigraph for Solo Piano” by Harry Crowl,
performed by Leilah Paiva (All rights reserved for the original work)

Mais screenings/Awards:
– 5th Vivo ARTE.MOV: International Mobile Art Festival | Brazil | BEST REGIONAL FILM (SOUTH)
– Hong Kong International Mobile Film Awards 2011 | Hong Kong/China | BEST DRAMA – SILVER AWARD
– Claro Shorts 2011: Brazilian Very Short Film Festival | Brazil | BEST COLLEGE FILM
– 8th Naoussa International Film Festival | Greece | BEST MOBILE MOVIE
– 10th Santa Maria Video & Film Festival | Brazil | BEST INTERNET VIDEO
– MINA 2011: International Mobile Innovation Screening | New Zealand
– Oscar Niemeyer Museum – “Translucent: Images and Movements by Arthur Tuoto & João Krefer” | Brazil
– Murillo La Greca Museum – Desvenda Contemporary Art Fair 2011 | Brazil
– Ascona Film & Video Art Festival 2012 | Switzerland
– 5th CinePocket – Brussels Mobile Film Festival | Belgium

You can find more information at:

João Krefer was born in Curitiba, Brazil, 1987. Works with film, visual arts and performance.

Presentations include the Belgrade Int’l Documentary and Short Film Festival (Serbia), DocuDays – Beirut Int’l Documentary Film Festival (Lebanon), Curta Cinema – Rio de Janeiro Int’l Short Film Festival (Brazil) and the MINA – Int’l Mobile Innovation Screening (New Zealand). Awards were received at the Hong Kong Int’l Mobile Film Awards (Hong Kong/China), Naoussa Int’l Film Festival (Greece), Vivo ARTE.MOV – Int’l Mobile Art Festival (Brazil) and other audiovisual events./p>

His first solo exhibition “Translucent – Images and Movements by Arthur Tuoto & João Krefer” is currently at the internationally-renowned Oscar Niemeyer Musem, in Brazil.

ARTIST(S): S/N Coalition

S/N Coalition is an electronic art group, which works extensively with video, sound, animation, photography and locative media. Their exhibitions often include
performative elements and mediated footage, pushing both experimental and conceptual ideas around media. S/N members include Jennida Chase and Hassan Pitts who have been creating collaborative work together since 2008.

Project Information:
The Handy-Video remix collection is a new media project in which S/N Coalition remix the urban landscape of Berlin. The remixes are video/sound-hybrids, which visually feature street art and sonically feature various neighborhoods, transportation systems and markets. Over 150 remixes were installed back in to the cityscape via QR-Codes. The codes are accessible via internet enabled CCD devices (such as cell phones and mp3 players).

Artist E-mail Address:
Taubman Museum:

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