Ramie Blatt

iCU- Ramie Blatt
Artist: Ramie Blatt
MEDIUM: Cell phones and mobile device that support Flash Lite.
STATUS: More Information at www.ramieblatt.com
YEAR: 2006

Ramie Blatt was born in Montreal, Canada, in 1966. He graduated with a degree in physics from McGill University and later studied anthropology and fine arts. Ramie has built a career as a multimedia and software developer while also exploring many interests: nature, travel, humanitarianism, writing, meditation, yoga, filmmaking and art. He has lived in and experienced diverse landscapes and scenes in the Americas, Australia, Oceania, Europe and Asia. Ramie now lives in Miami with his wife, Kaylin; they are expecting twins.

“I See(the) You” is an interactive artificial life installation, currently showing at “MOVING IMAGE: Video, Animation and Software Art” at Alonso Art Gallery in Miami, to November 25, 2006.

This is a Flash-based installation with video camera. It generates hundreds of ants that swarm randomly. Occasionally, they swarm into a pattern, tracing out the viewer’s face. The image soon fades and the ants swarm again.

A small scale version of this piece called “iCU” for mobile devices (iPod, cell phone) will react instead to any image selected, such as from a cell phone’s camera.

A demo of “iCU” is available at my artist web site, using my own image. www.ramieblatt.com

Artist E-mail Address: ramie@ramieblatt.com

ARTIST(S): S/N Coalition

S/N Coalition is an electronic art group, which works extensively with video, sound, animation, photography and locative media. Their exhibitions often include
performative elements and mediated footage, pushing both experimental and conceptual ideas around media. S/N members include Jennida Chase and Hassan Pitts who have been creating collaborative work together since 2008.

Project Information:
The Handy-Video remix collection is a new media project in which S/N Coalition remix the urban landscape of Berlin. The remixes are video/sound-hybrids, which visually feature street art and sonically feature various neighborhoods, transportation systems and markets. Over 150 remixes were installed back in to the cityscape via QR-Codes. The codes are accessible via internet enabled CCD devices (such as cell phones and mp3 players).

Artist E-mail Address: jumpcutjen@yahoo.com
Website: www.signaltonoisecoalition.com
Taubman Museum: www.taubmanmuseum.org/main/exhibitions/watch-it-video-art

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