TITLE: Winter Project MEDIUM: variety of applications + iphone DEVICE(S): iPhone STATUS: For more information www.misspixels.com See a video teaser of Winter project here YEAR: 2011 ARTIST(S): S/N Coalition Bio: S/N Coalition is an electronic art group, which works extensively with video, sound, animation, photography and locative media. Their exhibitions often include performative elements and


TITLE: Indeterminate Hikes + (IH+) MEDIUM: Android, Google Maps, Smartphone DEVICE(S): Android Smartphone STATUS: For more information ecoarttech.net/indeterminatehikes.html www.ecoarttech.net YEAR: 2012 ARTIST(S): Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint (aka ecoarttech) Bio: We, Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint, founded ecoarttech in 2005 to explore environmental issues and convergent media from an interdisciplinary perspective. Leila earned her PhD

Anaisa Franco

TITLE: Connected Memories MEDIUM: Interactive Installation DEVICE(S): Mixed Media, Bluetooth, Mobile Devices STATUS: For more information anaisafranco.com/projects_connected.html www.anaisafranco.com YEAR: 2007 ARTIST(S): Anaisa Franco Bio: Anaisa Franco, 1981. Work as an artist. Since 2006 she has been developing works in Medialabs and residences at Medialab Prado, Mecad, MIS, Hangar, Taipei Artist Village and Mediaestruch. She has

Alejandro Schianchi

TITLE: Untitled (site-specific ubicuity) MEDIUM: QR Code, Layar (Augmented Reality application), 3D Application DEVICE(S): Android, iOS, Blackberry STATUS: For more information schianchi.com.ar/obras/sintitulo2011.html YEAR: 2011 ARTIST(S): Alejandro Schianchi Bio: Theorist, professor, and artist, lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s candidate for Master in Electronic Arts, graduate from the University of Cinema in B.A. in Cinematography, he’s


TITLE: Handy-Video Project MEDIUM: Smart phones (although any internet enabled ccd device can access this project) , QR Codes (to collect footage and sound we used a Canon 7D and a H4 Zoom and we edited in Final Cut Pro) DEVICE(S): Any internet enabled ccd device can access this project STATUS: For more information www.signaltonoisecoalition.com