Alejandro Schianchi

TITLE: Untitled (site-specific ubicuity)
MEDIUM: QR Code, Layar (Augmented Reality application), 3D Application
DEVICE(S): Android, iOS, Blackberry
STATUS: For more information
YEAR: 2011

ARTIST(S): Alejandro Schianchi

Theorist, professor, and artist, lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s candidate for Master in Electronic Arts, graduate from the University of Cinema in B.A. in Cinematography, he’s also an Electronic Technician in Computers. Professor in several fields in the Electronic Arts career at the University of Tres de Febrero, has also teached at University of Buenos Aires in the Faculty of Architecture and Design, University of Cinema, Cievyc and University Maimonides. Has made installations, videos, photographies, videosculptures, performances, and has shown his works in Germany, USA, Canada, Spain, Romania, Denmark, Slovenia, Peru, Brazil, and in the most well know places in Argentina. Won a mention in the Limbo award of Electronic and New Media prize in conjunction with the Espacio Fundacian Telefonica and the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art.
Has made presentations about Art & Technology in ‘Catedra UNESCO de Turismo Cultural’, AAMNBA, 2009; ‘Medida Italiana: Videoarte Italiano’, Espacio Fundacian Telefonica, 2010; ‘GLI.TC/H’, Chicago, USA, 2010; ‘Pursuit: Failure Symposium’, Berlin, Germany, 2010; ‘ISEA 2011’, Istanbul, Turkey; among others.

Using code to generate a three dimensional shape that moves exactly the same volume to a real-world geographic location, as determined by the axes of latitude, longitude, and height chosen. Using a mobile device (smartphone) with Internet connection capability, GPS, camera, and Layar application installed you can display the virtual object located in real space.

The physical movement of the body of the viewer with his/her device to the point where is located the virtual object requires us to think of a real mapping to a virtual overlay. The user / viewer is forced to display physical movement to get a virtual production “hosted” on the Internet is not common, since all of your data is presumed to be accessible equally to all geographical locations connected to it, without the need to physically go to them.
On the contrary, from the point of view of the project, which places the objects in the world does not need to move, because with only the numbers for desired latitude and longitude can place the object anywhere in the world.

The places (until now) are:

– Galeria Arte x Arte (Bs. As., Argentina)
– Centro Cultural General San Martin (Bs. As., Argentina)
– MALBA (Bs. As., Argentina)
– Galerias Pacifico (Bs. As., Argentina)
– Guggenheim Museum (N. Y., EEUU)
– Centre Pompidou (Paris, Francia)
– ZKM (Karlsruhe, Alemania)

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