Anna Dumitriu

TITLE: Phone Flora
ARTIST: Anna Dumitriu
MEDIUM: jpeg wallpaper for mobile phone
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YEAR: 2005

Anna Dumitriu is an artist whose work is heavily inspired by science, in particular medical science and the concept of immortality. The work looks closely at cell biology and the use of supplements to prolong life with recent paintings looking at the Vitamin C molecule. Anna uses an extensive range of materials and techniques including mixed media on canvas, watercolour, and digital or traditional printmaking.

A series of wallpapers based on light micrographs of bacteria and mould spores found on mobile phones during normal everyday use shown at 1000x magnification. These are part of a major sci-art collaboration lead by artist Anna Dumitriu entitled The Normal Flora project, which involves culturing bacteria and moulds from the artist’s domestic environment, a multimedia installation is planned for 2006.

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