Annie Wan

TITLE: Around the Corner
MEDIUM: Animated Images, internet, sound
DEVICE(S): iPhone
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YEAR: 2011

ARTIST(S): Annie Wan

Annie Wan (PhC, Center For Digital Arts & Experimental Media (DXARTS), University of Washington, Seattle US) is an international contemporary artist, often creates artworks concern with a notion of what is the “intra-relationship” between spaces and sites, materials and immaterial, inter-relationship between the site and the context. Her works have been exhibited at festivals in Europe, Asia and North America, including Art+Communication Festival 2004 (Riga, Latvia), Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Conference 2004 (Singapore), ZeroOne/ ISEA 2006 (San Jose, US) and French Pavilion in 10th Venice Architecture Biennale (Venice, Italy). In 2010, She works as an Artist-in-Resident at Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Science (IAMAS), Japan.

Around the Corner presents a telematic software art which engages physical spaces. It is a locative iphone application, structured around the manifestation of locative animations in hybrid space.

When users launch this semi-autonomous software, their current locations will be marked on the map and they will be uploaded to a internet server, together with their current date and time. The server side software will analyze features of users’ locations and match with the texts, generated via markov chain algorithm, based on Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. Then, random place marks with generative texts will be placed on users’ maps automatically.

Each line of generative text will be matched with a clip of pre-recorded video or audio on the server. Their matching processes will be based on feature analysis of the audiovisuals. When the users click on a particular place mark, s/ he can listen/ view that matched audio or video clip. The entire algorithmic process will be started again when the users click “update location” button.

The plot of the interactive narrative is simple, imagine you are supposed to meet someone on the street but can’t him/ her at a particular time.

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