Chris Orfescu

ARTIST: Cris Orfescu
MEDIUM: NANOART (electron microscope scans computer painted and printed with archival inks on canvas or fine art paper – limited editions).
STATUS: Any Series 60 phone. (176×208) or
PDA, PocketPC, Windows Mobile (240×320)
Download NANOART Wallpapers (Series60)
Download NANOART Wallpapers (PDA)
YEAR: 2005

I create Art from Science using Technology. My art is a reflection of my background and interest in art, materials science, computer technologies and nanotechnology and is called NANOART. I think people should know what’s going on in the micro-world in order to not be afraid of all kinds of “nano-things” (nanotechnology, nanoscience, nanopowders…) that are happening right now with the new technological revolution. The ideas behind my art are the interpretations of the technological movement. Art is becoming interdisciplinary. New media are used more and more. New technology is used more and more. We live in a technological society and there is no reason why Art should stay away from Technology. I bring the nano-dimensional world to the public through high resolution electron microscope images computer painted and digitally processed. I try to find similarities with the world we live in, so people will become familiar with the novel technologies in a more appealing way.

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