Jon Montenegro

ARTIST: Jon Montenegro
MEDIUM: Artificial Intelligence (AI), p5.js, three.js
STATUS: For more information see
YEAR: 2019

Jon Montenegro is an interactive artist working with internet data, motion & facial detection as a medium. His work is focused on exploring ways of translating data into interactive art pieces, to give a new perspective of what the medium of data is… or can be. Other types of artworks also include exploring generative, augmented reality, and active audience interactive art, in which the audience can participate in the creation and manipulation of the art pieces.

Milk: An AI Machine Learning projection art piece

The interactive projection art piece that changes its composition based upon facial recognition. The active audience views on a screen or mobile device with a camera that tracks facial expressions. Face Tracking and machine learning AI (Artificial intelligence) are used to translate facial expressions into an interactive art piece. The art piece was shown at the Compendium Juried Exhibition.

Other Exhibitions
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Compendium Juried Exhibition
DesignPhiladelphia Festival
SPACE Gallery: AIGA Philadelphia’s headquarters
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Message & Medium: the interplay of type and art: PhilaMOCA
Mobile Art Show: HELIO Store Gallery at Santa Monica, CA
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[Never grow accustomed; the brittle, often shimmering heat]: Born Magazine
PhillyTechWeek: Out-of-Frame Interactive Exhibition

Milk: An AI Machine Learning projection art piece using p5.js