Kate Pemberton

ARTIST: Kate Pemberton
MEDIUM: WAP technology, Pixel Graphics, Cross-Stitch
STATUS: For more information see
YEAR: 2005

My practice addresses the cultural effects that technology has on society. My current interest is in the status of craft objects in an age of electronic consumerist culture. I identify crossovers between computer graphics, and craft techniques, and explore these by making tangible art objects.

My latest projects suggest an emotive, quirky, humorous aspect of functional computer graphics and of electronic devices by drawing parallels between their form and function and the techniques and meanings embraced in traditional needle crafts.

I concern myself with the visual appeal of machines and electronics. I am interested in how they are considered as objects of desire, in terms of their fabrication, capabilities, and the status they give the individuals that own them.

The catalogue section of ems.endfile.com has visual and written reference to my Individual projects.