TITLE: Winter Project
MEDIUM: variety of applications + iphone
DEVICE(S): iPhone
STATUS: For more information
See a video teaser of Winter project here
YEAR: 2011

ARTIST(S): MissPixels

Born in Quebec, Canada, MissPixels has flourished in the Visual Arts community for over 20 years. Being an illustrator for iStockPhoto and Getty Images, graphic designer and freelance art director, she then turned to the iPhone in 2009 as her main medium for artistic expression.

In 2010, Wired Magazine named two of her pieces “Best SmartPhone Photo”. Meanwhile, the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art of New-York) tweeted about her famous piece “4th of July” to its 400,000 followers. Two years later, she becomes the first iPhoneography artist worldwide to give a TEDx talk, adding to her long list of accomplishments.

Receiving worldwide recognition for her work in iPhoneography, she has become the Canadian reference in Mobile Art. MissPixels has participated in several exhibitions in countries such as Italy, Australia, the United States, Canada and Spain. She has received countless accolades and has given conferences and workshops in London, Montreal as well as New York City and Barcelona. Always willing to share her vision and inspiration, she actively gives back to the artistic community through numerous interviews in various newspapers, magazines and books.

Just before reaching REM sleep, our brain is imaged through data and feverishly fighting to stay in action. The states intersect, object, action. I work as a rural landscape EEG mapping stylized the state of my brain when taking pictures. Between the excitement and the contemplative state, the landscape has a different pictorial diagram.

Artist E-mail Address: hello@misspixels.com