Rosangela Ap

Panorâmica Brás, 2008. Motorola V220. Digital Collage

TITLE: Projeto Panorâmicas 360º
MEDIUM: photography and digital collage; video
DEVICE(S): Motorola EX115, Motorola V3 RAZR, Motorola V220i
STATUS: For more information
YEAR: 2008 – 2011

ARTIST(S): Rosângela Ap

Rosangela Ap was born in 1977 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She is an artist, designer, researcher, teacher andindependent curator. Bachelor of Visual Arts (2009), with a degree in Visual Arts (2009) at the Art Institute of UNESP, Sao Paulo. Now, she makes the course of Master of Arts (2011-2013) at Unesp. CAPES scholarship (2011-2013). Since 1996 she participates in art shows and his works are present in the Musée deL’Elisée (Switzerland) and other institutions as well as appear in print and online catalogs.

Terraço Itália, 2009. Motorola V3 RAZR, Digital Collage

Projeto Panorâmicas 360º
The project aims at producing 360 degree panoramic images from image capture with mobile devices, mostly mobile phones, questioning the ownership and use of these images by artists or by users. Since 2006, the developed images – digital, print or videographic – are displayed in art shows both in the context of art and technology and site-specific or relations with the urban landscape.

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Paulista, 2009. Motorola V3 RAZR. Digital Collage.
IA, 2009. Motorola V3 RAZR. Digital Collage.
Cariocas, 2011. Motorola EX115. Digital Collage.